The Toyota Hiace is a reliable 1-seater transporter with the power and flair to get all your passengers safely to their destination in comfort and style. There are so many reasons why the Hiace is South Africa’s favourite minibus and when you own one it will all make sense.

A 14-seater that offers exceptional comfort and convenience

You and all your passengers will always disembark refreshed and in style with the safe and convenient Toyota Hiace. With air conditioning and plenty of cup holders, everyone is sure to arrive energised.

Experience the power of its 2.5-litre diesel engine

Powered by a diesel common-rail fuel injection 2.5-litre engine, the Hiace is a fourteen-seater transporter with a five-speed manual transmission that delivers an effortlessly smooth ride.

When passenger safety matters more than anything

The Hiace is crammed with safety and convenience features that make it a pleasure to be in, whether you are the driver or a passenger. Its safety features include ABS, airbags, central locking, handy roof and window emergency exits, safety bells for all passengers and remarkably sturdy suspension for a smooth ride.

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Hiace 2.5D GL Bus 14'S

From R606 900​