Corolla Hatch

Corolla Hatch

The all-new Toyota Corolla Hatch is a vehicle that will impress on every level. Stylish updated design meet with performance that is better than ever to bring you true driving excellence.

Performance runs in the family

The Corolla Hatch has been injected with innovation to improve every aspect of your drive. Featuring a 1.2 litre inline-four petrol engine with turbocharger, the Corolla Hatch will get you going. The Corolla also includes a Sequential Shiftmatic control that regulates engine torque during gear change. This vehicle was built to impress on every journey.

Secure travels

When it comes to safety Toyota have not held back. The vehicle is fitted with a siren/immobiliser ensuring your vehicle stays right where you left it. The Corolla Hatch also features Vehicle-Stability Control (VSC) and Hill-Assist Control (HAC), for full governance with no compromise. The vehicle also comes with wireless door lock and smart entry system, making your daily commute a whole lot more convenient.

Driving in style

The Corolla Hatch is out to make a fashion statement. The vehicle’s sleek design aims to turn every head in your direction. With the aid of LED headlamps and 16’’ alloy wheels, you will be travelling in style.

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Corolla Hatch 1.2T Xs

From R384 000

Corolla Hatch 1.2T Xs Bi-T

From R395 100

Corolla Hatch 1.2T XS CVT

From R396 000

Corolla Hatch 1.2T XS CVT Bi-T​​​

From R407 100

Corolla Hatch 1.2T XR CVT

From R442 400

Corolla Hatch 1.2T XR CVT Bi-T

From R453 500