At Humansdorp Toyota, we understand that each and every one of our customers has different goals. That’s why we cater to the different needs of our clients by offering custom financing on every purchase. We’ve done the groundwork so that you don’t have to spend hours searching for financing at different banks. We will help you through the process, start to finish.

We’re with you every step of the way

Our sales staff are happy to sit down with you and find the best financing options for your current requirements. You can count on Humansdorp Toyota to get you the best deals every day whether you’re buying a car for the first time, trading up or expanding your fleet.

To find out more

To learn more about the various finance service options at Humansdorp Toyota simply browse our website or contact us today. We are eager to take your call.


Feel the freedom of choice with Toyota’s FutureDrive; the most innovative way to manage your motoring experience.

Revolutionary and affordable

FutureDrive makes it possible to drive a brand-new Toyota every 3 years. Simply elect to replace, keep or return. FutureDrive allows for cheaper instalments, shorter finance periods, flexible finance choices, lower upkeep and maintenance expenses and ultimate peace of mind.

Future value guaranteed

Guaranteed future value (GFV) is the minimum definite value that your Toyota will be worth with Toyota Financial Services at the end of your contract. This ensures guaranteed ability to either trade, hold on to, or return your vehicle after 3 years.

Toyota innovation gives you flexibility when it comes to monthly instalments and deposits.

FutureDrive is a customised finance solution exclusive to Toyota for you and your business